Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers are fundamentally different from other laser types; in a fiber laser the active medium that generates the laser beam is actually dispersed within the fiber optic itself. This differentiates them from fiber-delivered lasers where the beam is simply transported from the laser resonator to the beam delivery optics. Fiber lasers are now widely accepted as being the most focusable (or highest brightness) of any laser type. Fiber lasers have consolidated their position at the high average power multi-kilowatt end of the industriallaser spectrum and it is clear that the limitations associated with fiber lasers earlier are now well understood, allowing the development of a wide range of lasers. The intrinsically scalable concept of fiber lasers has been used to scale multimode fiber lasers up to output powers greater than 50 kW and single mode fiber lasers up to 10kW in power.

Fiber lasers have been introduced to industrial production for some years now.Their monolithic design allows high beam quality, also known as single mode beam quality.That permits high power density to be generated at the workpiece, resulting in high processing speeds for appropriately designed handling systems. Fiber lasers are perfect for scanner welding and always in demand if the application requires particularly narrow weld seams or cutting kerfs.

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