Fisheries Statistics & Information

Fish know no borders and the activities of one fishing fleet have a direct impact on fishing opportunities of other fleets, on the future of fish stocks and on the marine ecosystem. Therefore, the European Union (EU) has established a common fisheries policy. Today too many vessels chase too few fish, which has resulted in the depletion of fish stocks, smaller catches and lower income for fishermen. To tackle this no-win situation the European Union has reformed its fisheries policy and recommended cuts in fishing quotas and fleets. To support the revamp and the evaluation of old and new policies, data are essential. Standard concepts, definitions, classifications and procedures for the collection of fishery statistics are developed in the coordinating working party on fishery statistics. This international body, which is coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has several international organisations including Eurostat, as members.

  • Commercial fishery statistics
  • Importance of statistics in fishery research
  • Global aquaculture statistics
  • Scientific facts on fisheries statistics

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