Food Analysis and Quility Control

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a relatively short life. These are consists of cheap source of fibre, several vitamins and minerals.  Generally they have highest nutrition value, if we eat freshly. They are to be stored for an extended period before they begin to decay.  It is necessary to process them by one or more of the various methods that are available. The extent to which preservation is required depends in part on the type of plant material that is being considered. The extent to which nutrients are lost during processing varies according to both the type of fruit or vegetable and the process that is used.

  • Artificial food additives
  • High-pressure food preservation
  • Food Quality Management processes
  • chemical and microbiological analysis
  •  interrelationships between food analysis, food processing and preservation, and food microbiology
  • Chemical Quality Assurance
  • Food safety, security and control
  • Authenticity and integrity of food
  • Food rheology and shelf life
  • Food fortification and nutrition
  • Food toxicology and food allergy
  • Microbiological and biochemical aspects of food
  • Food hydrocolloids
  • Food supplements and food labels

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Food Analysis and Quility Control Conference Speakers