Food and Industrial Beneficial Microbes


Lactic acid fermentation is the anaerobiotic microbe breakdown of sugar, yielding energy within the variety of nucleotide and cathartic waste product, specifically carboxylic acid. The key purpose during this definition is that the system is anaerobic, or it should occur with none atomic number 8 around. Fermentation process is that the anaerobic dissimilation of one matter employing a series of oxidoreduction transformations with the goal of generating ATP by substrate-level phosphorylation. Bioremediation is that the use of organisms to metabolise pollutants. rather than merely aggregation the waste material and storing it, bioremediation depends on living organisms to consume and break down the compound, turning it into harmless, natural components. Bioremediators square measure any organism used for bioremediation. Typically, microbes like bacterium, archaea and fungi square measure the prime bioremediations.

  • Lactic Acid Fermentation
  • Yeast Fermentation
  • Bacteria and Mold: The Microbiology of Cheesemaking
  • Microbial Factories: Using Bacteria to Make Specific Compounds
  • The Ames test: Using Bacteria to Test for Carcinogens
  • Bioremediation: Microbes Cleaning Up the Environment
  • Microbes and the Clothing Industry

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