Food and Nutritional Biotechnology

Biotechnology provides powerful tools for the sustainable development of agriculture as well as the food industry, improving the production of foods and making them more available and nutritious. Food biotechnology is a rapidly expanding field of science with many different applications, which is clear from the large number of scientific papers published in the last 10 years.  GM plants and animals are used to enhance taste, shell life, nutrition and quality of food. On the other hand GM yeast and Bacteria are used to produce enzymes for the sake of food industry. These GM foods are produced by using biotechnological techniques specifically genetic engineering. Genetic engineering purpose is to introduce foreign gene of interest in an organism. This foreign gene introduction is for the purpose of enhancement in quality and quantity of food. So these techniques can be used to erase hunger from poor people of third world specially Africa 

  • Food Biotechnology – brief history
  • Food Biotechnology today
  • Benefits of Food Biotechnology
  • Food Safety and quality control
  • Applications of Food Biotechnology
  • Potential risks of Genetically Modified foods

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