Food & Beverages

As food is an indispensable part of everybody's life. So, it is mandatory to have the idea of the food which we consume. The respective session of this Food Conference will focus on Organic foods, Food flavors: Taste of food, Food products and the real nutritive value, ‘Ethnic’ and regional foods, Home meals, fast food and supermarket ‘home meal replacements’, Sustainable Food & Beverages, Global and local food chain assessment. To provide exposure to technologies, government / institutional assistance, increase international tie-ups and to provide knowledge about recent trends in Food & beverages sector is the aim of organizing this type of food conference.

  • Food flavors: Taste of food
  • Global food supply
  • Advances in fruit, vegetable & cereal processing
  • Advances in dairy & meat technology
  • Protein Rich Food and Beverages
  • Global and local food chain assessment: a multidimensional performance-based approach
  • Food rheology
  • Patents, designs and trademarks

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Food & Beverages Conference Speakers