Food Fermentation technology

Food fermentation is a food processing technology that utilizes the growth and metabolic activity of microorganisms for the stabilization and transformation of food materials. Fermentation was primarily developed for the stabilization of perishable agricultural produce. Not with standing, the technology has evolved beyond food preservation into a tool for creating desirable organoleptic, nutritional, and functional attributes in food products. Fermented food products still make up a significant portion of the diet in developing countries and the Far East, whereas that is no longer the case in the developed West. Nevertheless, there is a renewed interest in fermented food products in recent times mainly driven by the purported health benefits of such products. 

  • Fermented foods by type
  • Fermentation for food modification and conservation
  • Lactic acid fermentation
  • Production of biomass and extracellular metabolites
  • Transformation of substrates

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