Food Fraud & Authenticity

Food fraud is a mischievous act of altering, tampering or substituting the food product at any point in time during the course of food supply-chain. Fraud may be seen in raw material, ingredient, and final product or in food’s packaging. Deceiving consumer by substituting one product for another; using unapproved additives, counterfeiting and intentional contamination with a variety of chemicals, biological agents harmful to public health is the serious act of food fraud & Authentic product yields confidence and belief towards that particular product. Consumer across the globe increasingly demands reassurance of the origin and content of their food. Food authenticity is important for good health as food adulteration reports are growing challenge for food manufacturers as most adulterants are unknown. The proper regulatory framework is the need of the hour as determining the authenticity of food can prevent false description, adulteration and incorrect origin labelling.


  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Mitigation measures
  • Raw material specifications
  • Analytical surveillance
  • Supplier relationship
  • Supplier audit
  • Supply chain transparency and simplification
  • Alert system

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