Food Laws policy and governance

The institutional environment for food quality and safety in Turkey is rapidly changing in the last decade but there are still some inconsistencies compared with the EU. High costs of establishing quality assurance systems (QAS), inefficient capacity of the institutional frame, unknown consumer attitudes, low level of production techniques and lack of awareness of producers and consumers are important weaknesses, when evaluating the current food quality and safety situation in Turkey. The value added of Turkish food sector is an estimated 45 billion Euros annually. Policies dealing with food safety and quality in Turkey started to develop in the mid-1990s due to the custom union with the EU in 1995 and strengthened in 2000s, because of increasing exports to developed market economies, which require higher standards of food safety and quality. According to the Industry Census of TUİK in 2002, there are 30 649 enterprises and 247 769 employees in the food processing sector. Only a small proportion of food processing enterprises firms meet the EU quality norms-standards.

  • Business, finance and management of food market
  • Turkish food law & relevant health regulation
  • Risk assessment & risk management

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