Food Packaging & Microbial Activity

Nowadays food preservation, quality maintenance, and safety are major growing concerns of the food industry. It is evident that over time consumers’ demand for natural and safe food products with stringent regulations to prevent food-borne infectious diseases. Antimicrobial packaging is a division of active packaging and controlled release packaging is one such promising technology which effectively percolates the antimicrobial into the food packaging film material and subsequently delivers it over the specific duration of time to kill the pathogenic microorganisms affecting food products thereby increasing the shelf life to severe folds.

 A successful packaging technique demands certain barrier for microbes, achieved through controlled conditions to indicate microbial growth, levels of oxygen, harmful bacterial and fungal toxins, moisture levels and the indicators for temperature and time. Active food packaging id greatly applied these days for food safety against harmful microbes. Food is protected from biological, physical and chemical damages caused by pathogenic microbes through different technologies of packaging including modified atmosphere packaging and controlled atmospheric packaging through antimicrobial films. Moreover, it is essential to use selective materials suitable for different food stuffs for the maintenance of nutritional value of foods. Use of various gas scavengers and bio-based package designing are also greatly helpful towards enhance shelf life of food products. 

  • Active Packaging
  • Preservation
  • Gas Scavenger

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