Food Processing, Preservation And Packaging

Food processing is the change of agrarian items into nourishment, or of one type of nourishment into different structures. Nourishment preparing incorporates numerous types of handling sustenance's, from crushing grain to make crude flour to home cooking to complex modern techniques used to make comfort foods. Primary sustenance handling is important to make most nourishment's palatable and optional nourishment handling transforms the fixings into recognizable sustenance's, for example, bread. Tertiary sustenance preparing has been scrutinized for advancing over nourishment and heftiness, containing excessively sugar and salt, too little fiber, and generally being unhealthful.


  • Fermentation Technology
  • Post Harvest Processing
  • Thermal and Non-thermal Processing
  • Dry and Wet Preservation
  • Packaging & Shelf life of Food Product
  • Packaging machinery: Label and Labeling, Packaging Design, Testing & Identification
  • New Trend in Food Packaging
  • Food Management and Applications in Food Industry

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