Food Quality, Safety & Preservation

Food Conferences workshop explains us that how Food Forensics helps in analysis of food, drinkable and feed stuff. Stable atom compositions are often accustomed confirm the “environmental fingerprint” of a product which might then be compared to a reference information of authentic samples to check for consistency with origin or production system claims. It helps in scientific determination of the origin of food and drink and detection of fraud or counterfeit product and ultimately ends up in complete Protection. These Food events gives information about Food contaminants, food-borne health problem, Food science and technology education,  food ethics, Food ingredients, additives and health, Community health, upbeat and food, Food allergies: causes, cures, management, FDA, food labeling pointers and meanings, Integrated approaches to food substance and allergic reaction risk management. The aim of organizing the food conferences is to supply exposure to technologies, government / institutional help, varied schemes and to increase international tie-ups and to supply information regarding recent trends in Food & beverages Sector.

  • Food Adulteration
  • Food allergies: causes, cures, management
  • Community health, wellness and food
  • Food contaminants & food-borne illness
  • Food ingredients, additives and health
  • Global food ethics
  • Food science and technology education
  • Food Storage and Aseptic Packaging

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