Forensic Psychology and Criminology

Forensic Psychology is the application of psychology to the criminal justice system; it deals with the assessment and treatment of mentally disordered offenders and criminals. It is an interface between mental health and law. Mostly people get confused between the Forensic science and Forensic Psychology .so here we will discuss on is Forensic Science and Forensic Psychology related?? Forensic psychologists frequently deal with legal issues, such as public policies, and new laws .This topic has the wide scope which includes Criminological studies, Ethical issues, Recent Challenges for Psychology and law, recent development and advancement in Forensic psychology, Prediction of violence and risk assessment and Case Studies.


Forensic Child Psychology introduce to a range of disorders seen in infancy, childhood and adolescence and the key principles relevant to conducting psychological assessments and treatments with children/adolescents and their families. Special attention is given to the assessment and intervention methods for young offenders. This unit also includes Children’s Court and Family Court, determination of guardianship, custody and access, psychological consequences of divorce, family violence, custody evaluations and access determination, and understanding of the role and skills of mediation in family disputes. With respect to Children’s Court matters, familiar with protective issues and criminal matters.

  • Is forensic Science and forensic psychology related??
  • Criminological studies
  • Ethical issues
  • Recent Challenges for Psychology and law
  • Recent development and advancement in Forensic psychology
  • Predection of violence and risk assessment
  • Case Studies

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