Forensic Psychology and Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry is a sub-specialty of psychiatry and is related to criminology. It encompasses the interface between law and psychiatry. A forensic psychiatrist provides services – such as determination of competency to stand trial – to a court of law to facilitate the adjudicative process and provide treatment like medications and psychotherapy to criminals. This topic has the wide scope which includes behavioral forensic science, criminological studies, recent advancements and techniques in criminal psychology, case studies, and ethical issues in forensic psychology, personality disorders, and recent developments in forensic psychiatry. Around 15 universities are there particularly in North America.

The total budget for mental health care amounts to 5.3 billion euro, including 542 million (10%) for child and adolescent mental health care. So called 'silent problems' are increasing among children and adolescents (externalising problems +2.5%, internalising problems +10.5%).

By and large, a criminological clinician is assigned as a specialist in a particular field of study. The quantity of zones of aptitude in which a scientific analyst qualifies as a specialist increments with experience and notoriety. criminal profiling, is a behavioral and investigative apparatus that is planned to push examiners to precisely anticipate and profile the qualities of obscure criminal subjects or guilty parties. Identity issue are portrayed by a continuing accumulation of behavioral examples regularly connected with extensive individual, social, and word related interruption. Besides, issue are rigid and pervasive crosswise over numerous circumstances, due in huge part to the way that such conduct may be self image syntonic.

  • Criminological studies
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Personality disorders
  • Risk assessment and case studies
  • Ethical issues in forensic psychology
  • Latest amendments to forensic psychology law
  • Behavioural forensic science
  • Case studies of crime and socio-economics conditions
  • Recent advancements and techniques in criminal psychology
  • Criminology
  • Sexual Violence

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