Forest ecology

The Forest ecology is a complex ecosystem which is interrelated patterns of flora and fauna that supports the different life forms on this earth. The trees in the forest help us to create a different environment. This environment will affect the life style of the animals and plants that is living in the forest. These forest plays a vital role in the environment. These forest is helpful in many ways because it brings rainfall which reduces the temperature of the earth and also it prevents soil erosion thus retaining the nutrients of the soil. They act as the purifier of the air because they take in carbon di oxide and produces the large quantity of oxygen. Now deforestation is the major problems that the forest are facing which creates the imbalance in the ecology of the forest. Now the organizations have to take necessary steps to restore the forest ecology to an extent.

  • Diversity and complexity
  • Energy flux
  • Deforestation and climate change
  • Forest ecological management
  • Old-growth forest and its characteristics
  • Climatic impacts of old growth forest
  • Terrestrial ecosystem
  • Wood science and technology
  • Forest conservation
  • Forest modelling and management

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