Formulation and Drug Delivery

The Head of Formulation and Drug Delivery will assume a key part in guaranteeing the advancement of a stable product that gives sufficient shelf life to guarantee a safe and strong product. Drug delivery systems  (DDS), for example, lipid-or polymer-based nano particles can be intended to enhance the pharmacological and helpful properties of medications controlled parenterally. A hefty portion of the early issues that frustrated the clinical utilizations of particulate DDS have been overcome, with a few DDS plans of anticancer and anti-fungal medications now affirmed for clinical use. Moreover, there is significant enthusiasm for using the upsides of DDS for in-vivo delivery of new medications derived from proteomics or genomics research for their utilization in ligand-focused on therapeutics

  • Liposomal drug delivery system
  • Poloxamer
  • Formulation strategies
  • Therapeutic nanoparticles
  • Genomic medicine

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September 17-19, 2018

International Genome Editing & Engineering Conference

Venice, Italy

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