Fossil Fuel and Biofuels

Increased energy demands, as well as the need for ecologically acceptable fuels that would replace highly polluting fossil fuels are the main reasons behind many different alternative energy researches. One segment of the alternative fuel market that has been recently gaining plenty of popularity is biofuels. The definition for biofuels is any liquid fuel that originates from renewable plant materials. When we compare biofuels with the gasoline we can see that the gasoline is refined from limited crude oil supplies, while biofuel can be produced from a number of organic sources that are not limited like oil is. According to some energy experts, biofuels are the only renewable energy sector that is capable to replace currently dominant fossil fuels.

Biofuels like ethanol, butanol and biodiesel are made from agricultural crops. The global biodiesel industry is touted as among the fastest-growing markets in the chemical industry.

  • Biodiesel and Bioethanol
  • Biorefineries and Biomass
  • Bio oil production
  • Bioenergy
  • Petroleum product Eco friendly

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