Functional Polymer and its Applications

Functional polymers are macromolecules to which chemically bound functional groups are attached which can be utilized as reagents, catalysts, protecting groups, etc. Functional polymers have low cost, ease to process and a range of attractive mechanical characteristics for functional organic molecules. This session deals with the synthesis and design of functional polymers, modifications of preformed polymer backbones as well as its various applications. The polymer support can be either a linear species which is soluble or a cross-linked species which is insoluble. A polymer to be used as a support should have significant mechanical stability under the reaction conditions. Such properties of the support play important role in functionalization reactions of polymers .The polymer properties can be modified either by chemical reactions on pendant groups or by changing the physical nature of the polymers

  • In Analytical Chemistry: Polymers as Stationary Phase(chromatography/Extraction)
  • Catalysis enginnering: Polymers as Catalyst
  • In Medicine, Agriculture, Washing Agents: Controlled Release from Polymer Matrices
  • Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymers
  • Polymer bound Dyes
  • Reactive and Functional Polymers
  • Polymer Modification: Surface and Functional Coatings
  • Advantages and Limitations

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