Future Challenges for Oil Exploration and Consumption

The economic commitment of the oil and gas industry to the national economies makes its future of critical significance to the worldwide community. To balance cost challenges against the possible need for new reserves, a leaner and more efficient industry is required both in execution and operation. This covers some areas like Pipeline installation, Exploration technology, Oil and gas reserves for future generations, Nanotechnology safety for health and environment, Oil and gas corporate social responsibility

A growing workforce combined with a blast in new oil and gas improvement is making challenges for vitality organizations in the ranges of enlistment, maintenance, and preparing. The oil and gas industry are confronting a contracting ability pool for those with particular skill. An expansive rate of the people who have the institutional and innovative "know-how" of their association's particular dangers and operations are looking toward retirement.


  • Oil and gas Reserves for Future Generations
  • Onshore and Offshore Transaction
  • Environmental Management
  • Production and Management
  • Strategic Operations and Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Legal Issues on Oil and Gas

Related Conference of Future Challenges for Oil Exploration and Consumption

September 27-28, 2018

World Congress on Oil, Gas and Petroleum Refinery

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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