Future of 3D printing

3D printing is an awesome merging of futuristic fields. From Mars dust buildings to mini satellites, these are our most promising 3D printing in space projects.  In aerospace many applications, challenges, innovations related to 3D printing are tuning pace at a higher rate. Step by step, researchers are looking for different applications to this cutting-edge technology in space whereas additive manufacturing is challenging and requires new technologies and resistant materials. With the two different axis of applications arises variant benefits i.e. 3D printing inside of the station and 3D printing outside of the station. Inside it will play role significantly in their daily life in orbits during space exploration.

  • Challenges of 3D printing
  • Current experiments regarding off-Earth manufacturing
  • 3D printing materials that we can use in Space
  • 3D Printing In Zero-G Technology
  • 3D Printing for Space and Defence Aerospace
  • Bio-printing
  • Building a lunar base with 3D printing
  • 3D Printing v/s CNC machining

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