Future of Cancer Care

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are cancer cells (found among tumors or hematological cancers) that possess characteristics related to traditional stem cells, specifically the flexibility to offer a rise to a variety of cells found during a specific cancer sample. CSCs are so tumorigenic (tumor-forming), perhaps in contrast to alternative non-tumorigenic cancer cells. CSCs might generate tumors through the stem cell processes of self-renewal and differentiation into multiple cell varieties. Such cells are hypothesized to persist in tumors as a distinct population and cause relapse and metastasis by giving rise to new tumors. Therefore, development of specific therapies targeted at CSCs holds hope for improvement of survival and quality of life of cancer patients, especially for patients with metastatic disease.

26th Annual Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy October 03-04, 2018 Los Angeles, California, USA; 27th International Conference on Oncology Research & Cancer Stem Cells May 10-12, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany; 7th World Congress on Breast Cancer & Therapy (10 Plenary Forums - 1 Event) May 25-26, 2018, Radisson Hotel JFK Airport, New York, USA; 2nd International Conference on Cancer Biology and Drug Delivery October 03-04, 2018 Los Angeles, California, USA; 2nd International Conference on Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics July 18-19, 2018 Sydney, Australia;

  • Fluid biopsy
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Real-time cancer diagnostics
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Next-generation targeted therapies
  • Molecular cancer diagnostics
  • Artificial intelligence based therapy design
  • In silico trials
  • DNA cages

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