Future of Nanotechnology in Medicine

Nanotechnology will bring back the care in to the Healthcare system. It is very clear that the future of medicine lies within the field of nanotechnology.

Nanomedicine is promising great things, including great advancements in the treatment of cancer. Imagine swarms of nanobots swimming through your veins, repairing cells or attacking viruses. Nanotechnology is likely to change the healthcare system forever. These small materials are capable of performing medical tasks that are currently not possible with today’s medical technologies.

  • Nanorobotics microbivores
  • Surgical Nanorobotics
  • Nano Generators
  • Nano Dentistry
  • Inducing Anaesthesia
  • Tooth Repair, Tooth Repositioning and Tooth Renaturalization
  • Dentin Hypersensitivity and Dental Durability and Cosmetics
  • Probing of DNA structure, Tumour detection and Detection of Protein
  • Separation and Purification of biological molecules and cells
  • Nanomedicine for immune system
  • Nano-Imaging for diagnosis, therapy and delivery in preclinical and clinical fields

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