Future of Nanotechnology in Nano Electronics

Nanotechnology may offer new ways of working for electronics. Nanotechnology science is developing new circuit materials, new processors, new means of storing information and new manners of transferring information. Nanotechnology can offer greater versatility because of faster data transfer, more “on the go" processing capabilities and larger data memories.

Biosensors allow for the detection of specific molecules and this can be essential in ensuring safety in military operations (the detection of dangerous chemicals in chemical warfare) and health care (being able to detect an outbreak of a disease or dangerous molecules).

  • Nanotechnology for Flexible Electronics
  • Nanotechnology for Wireless devices
  • Nanotechnology for Molecular devices
  • Nano-engineered solar panels produce more energy
  • Nanostructures could serve as drugs for treating cancer
  • Dangerous side effects of current treatments like chemotherapy
  • Nanotech batteries last longer, lighter and more powerful
  • Developing a technology platform made up of Quantum Dots
  • Nanotube is one of the earliest forms of Nanotechnology

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