Future of Probiotics visions and opportunities

Probiotic microorganisms can shape the immune system both at the local and systemic level which will allow future probiotics as treatments for many diseases. Probiotics seem to have promising role in shortening duration of infections or decreasing susceptibility to the pathogens. Use of the different strains, dosage, duration of treatment and smaller size of the trials makes interpretation of the available data more difficult. Current evidence also indicates that probiotic effects are strain-specific, they do not act through the same mechanisms nor are all probiotics indicated for the same health conditions. It is currently unknown whether there are optimal probiotic species, doses, and/or formulations. Although the data with probiotics are still far too weak to convince clinicians, the concept is fascinating, and further studies would be more than welcome. Nanotechnology of probiotics is an area of emerging interest and opens up whole new possibilities for the probiotics applications. Their applications to the agriculture and food sector are relatively recent compared with their use in drug delivery and pharmaceuticals. The basic of probiotic nanotechnology applications is currently in the development of nano-encapsulated probiotics

  • Probiotics for women health and healthy pregnancy
  • Maternal microbiome and health impacts on children
  • Enhancement of immune function and improvisation of efficacy of vaccines
  • Probiotic supernatants as rich source of new antipathogenic compounds
  • Bacillus probionts may inhibit Vibrio associated diseases
  • Incorporation of probiotics with prebiotic substrates for efficient clinical use
  • Nanotechnology, encapsulation and probiotics
  • Biotechnology and Probiotics
  • Probiotics in acquaculture

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