Future of Probiotics– Visions and Opportunities

Probiotic microorganisms will form the system each at the native and general level which can permit future probiotics as treatments for several diseases. Probiotics appear to own promising role in shortening length of infections or decreasing susceptibleness to the pathogens. Use of the various strains, dosage, and length of treatment and smaller size of the trials makes interpretation of the offered information harder. Current proof additionally indicates that probiotic effects area unit strain-specific, they area unit doing not act through constant mechanisms nor are all probiotics indicated for constant health conditions. It’s presently unknown whether or not there area unit optimum probiotic species, doses, and/or formulations. Though the information with probiotics area unit still way too weak to convert clinicians, the construct is fascinating, and any studies would be over welcome. Technology of probiotics is a region of rising interest and exposes whole new potentialities for the probiotics applications. Their applications to the agriculture and food sector area unit comparatively recent compared with their use in drug delivery and prescription drugs. The essential of probiotic technology applications is presently within the development of nano-encapsulated probiotics.

  • Probiotics for women health and healthy pregnancy
  • Metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • Functional aspects of probiotics and the impact on human health
  • Lactobacilli as probiotics: Discovering new functional aspects and target sites
  • Bifidobacteria: Regulators of intestinal homeostasis
  • Propionibacteria have probiotic potential
  • The indigenous microbiota and its potential to exhibit probiotic properties
  • Metagrobioenomics as a tool for discovery of new ptics and prebiotics
  • Applications of probiotics and prebiotics in infant development
  • Mechanisms of action of probiotic yeasts
  • Emerging applications of established prebiotics
  • Non-LAB probiotics: Spore formers

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