Future Perspective of Power Generation/Supply

The present abundance of the energy resources in the world is roughly two-thirds fossil based and one-third nuclear and hydro. In the future, nuclear and hydro might take a larger share of the expansion due to environmental considerations. The total general mix is not expected to change more than marginally, however. Primary and not renewable energy resources are abundantly available. The main sources today are uranium, oil, natural gas and coal. For all these there are reserves that will last at least 40 years at the present level of consumption. These resources are basically sufficient for the planning of the next generation of power plants. Should a scarcity threaten, or one particular energy source for cost or environmental reasons lose competitiveness, market forces will take action. Exploration will increase, recovering technologies will be refined, utilization efficiencies will be increased, and substitutes will be used or developed. The threatening scarcity will not materialize. The potential for further hydrogenation expansion, a renewable source, is five times current production. 


  • Energy Developement
  • World Energy Resources
  • Energy Planning
  • Socio-Economic Assessment of Energy Systems

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