Future Scope of Polymer Science

The main concerns for humans in the future will be energy & resources, food, health, mobility & infrastructure and communication. There is no doubt that polymers will play a key role in finding successful ways in handling these challenges. Polymers will be the material of the new millennium and the production of polymeric parts i.e. green, sustainable, energy-efficient, high quality, low-priced, etc. will assure the accessibility of the finest solutions round the globe. Synthetic polymers have since a long time played a relatively important role in present-day medicinal practice. Many devices in medicine and even some artificial organs are constructed with success from synthetic polymers. It is possible that synthetic polymers may play an important role in future pharmacy, too. Polymer science can be applied to save energy and improve renewable energy technologies.

Biopolymers could especially increment as more solid adaptations are produced, and the cost to fabricate these bio-plastics keeps ongoing fall. Bio-plastics can supplant routine plastics in the field of their applications likewise and can be utilized as a part of various areas, for example, sustenance bundling, plastic plates, mugs, cutlery, plastic stockpiling packs and in this way can help in making environment economical.

In areas of applications of plastics materials, a well-known long standing example is electrical industries have led to increasing acceptance of plastics for plugs, sockets, wire and cable insulations and for housing electrical and electronic equipment. The major polymer targeting industries of the present day life includes Ceramic industries, in stem cell biology and Regenerative Medicine, packaging industries, in retorting method used for food processing industries in automotive industries, in aerospace industries and in electrical and electronic industries.

  • Polymers in Stem Cell Biology
  • Self-Healing and Reprocess-able Polymer Systems
  • Smart Polymers
  • Green Synthesis of Functional Materials
  • In Gene Delivery Systems
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Biopolymers in Drug Delivery
  • Market growth of Polymers

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