Future Trends in Genomics

\r\n Genomics research holds the key to meeting many of the challenges of the coming years. At the moment, the biggest challenge is in data analysis. We can generate large amounts of data very inexpensively, but that overwhelms our capacity to understand it. The major challenge of the Genome Research is we need to infuse genomic information into medical practice, which is really hard. There are issues around confidentiality, education, electronic medical records, how to carry genomic information throughout lifespan and make it available to physicians.


Genomics research is really coming into its own right now – the genomics age is just starting. There is much potential for genomics to solve many of the major challenges we face today. The completion of a high-quality, comprehensive sequence of the human genome, in this fiftieth anniversary year of the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA, is a landmark event. The genomic era is now a reality.

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