Gastrointestinal interventions

Interventional radiology is a safe, less invasive therapy with less recovery time compared with open surgery. Gastroenterology is a specialty that is linked to interventional radiology.

Procedures performed by interventional radiology for gastrointestinal-related malignancies. The cases include portal vein recanalization, biliary drain placement, and stenting in the setting of obstructive malignancy as well as celiac plexus cryoablation/block for chronic pain relief (i.e., pancreatic cancer). Also, percutaneous decompression gastrostomy tube (PDGT) placement for patients with malignant bowel obstruction and pleural/abdominal drainage catheters for malignant effusions. Furthermore ablations, chemo and radio-embolization, and bland embolization of hepatic tumors. Procedures such as kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, and ablation of osseous metastasis for pain relief.


  • Gastrostomy/gastrojejunostomy tube placement
  • Percutaneous cholecystostomy
  • Portal vein recanalization
  • Percutaneous decompression gastrostomy tube
  • Pleural/abdominal drainage catheters
  • Stenting

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