Gene expression in Liver cancer

There is a higher genetic diversity in tumor cells which holds at the gene expression level. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a leading cause of death worldwide. The expression patterns in HCC were also readily differentiated from those associated with tumors metastatic to liver. The global gene expression patterns intrinsic to each tumor were sufficiently distinctive that multiple tumor nodules from the same patient could usually be recognized and distinguished from all the others in the large sample set on the basis of their gene expression patterns alone. Lines of evidence have revealed the existence and importance of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in carcinogenesis in the past decades. They are considered to be the root of cancers, and are responsible for tumor growth. Since the capacities of tumorigenicity, differentiation, self-renewal and chemo resistance of liver CD90+CSCs are governed by their distinctive genetic makeup and an array of gene expression changes in biological processes, elucidation of their molecular profile is important in understanding the characteristics of these cells.

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