Genetic-based Biomarkers and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Biomarkers have several uses in pharmaceutical R & D. With the recent introduction of high performance instrumentation, protein and gene arrays and bioinformatics, clinical decisions like Drug development and choosing type of treatment can be made efficiently. However, there is a lack of valid biomarkers to increase the drug development from pre-clinical through all levels of clinical studies. Biomarker in Drug Discovery can also lead to development of Personalized Medicines.

Biomarkers enable quantitation of the extent to which new drugs reach intended targets, alter proposed pathophysiological mechanisms and achieve clinical outcomes. The Biomarkers challenge is to identify unique molecular signatures in complex biological mixtures that can be unambiguously correlated to biological events in order to confirm novel drug targets and predict drug response. Biomarkers can quantify drug assistance in primary avoidance or disease-modification studies or to separate patient populations in inadequately served regions such as neurodegeneration and cancer. Clinically valuable biomarkers are required to notify regulatory and remedial decision making regarding new drugs and their signs in order to convey new medications to the right patients quicker than they are today.

  • NGS for the discovery of Biomarkers
  • MicroRNA sequencing for the prediction of diseases
  • SNP as Biomarkers
  • Cytogenetic & Oxidative stress Biomarkers
  • Genetic-based Biomarkers and NGS in personalized care of Cancer

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