Genetic Toxicology

Genetic toxicology is the study of genetic damage that results in alterations to heritable information. It is a complex science because there are a number of different types of genome damage, which arise through a diversity of mechanisms like the clastogenesis, mutagenesis, recombination, aneugenesis.  The relevance of genetic toxicology is clearly evident from the inheritable diseases.

Genetic toxicology is the study of effects of chemicals and physical agents on genetic material. Genetic toxicology is the emerging branch of toxicology which involves the various mechanisms of transversions and transitions. The processes involved are the mutagenesis and the carcinogenesis. Genotoxic assessment has long been an important and required assessment for the product development.

  • Genotoxic Chemicals
  • Genotoxic Prediction
  • Genotoxicity Assesment
  • Defense Toxicology
  • Genotoxic Chemotheraphy
  • Stem Cells and Applications

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