Geography is the science that studies and describes the surface of the earth and its physical, biological, political, economie, and demographic characteristics and the complex interrelations of the earth. Geography has been called "the world discipline" and "the bridge between the human and the physical science". Geography is divided into two main branches: human geography and physical geography. Physical geography focuses on geography as an Earth science. It aims to understand the physical problems and the issues of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere, and global flora and fauna  biosphere. Human geography is a branch of geography that focuses on the study of patterns and processes that shape the human society. It encompasses the humanpolitical, cultural, social, and economic aspects.

Relevant Conferences:

3rd International Conference on Geology, April 21-22, 2016 Dubai, UAE;  2nd Global Geologists Annual Meeting, July 11-12, 2016 Brisbane, Australia; 5th International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change Conference, July 25-27, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand; 5th International Conference on Petroleum Geology & Petroleum Industry Conference, Dec 1-2 2016 Dubai, UAE; World Congress on Petroleum and Refinery Conference, July 21-23, 2016 Brisbane, Australia; 35th International Geological Congress, August 27 – September 4, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa; 2nd Annual International Conference on Geology, June 6-9, 2016 Athens, Greece; 3rd International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering (ICGCE 2016), January 12-14, Penang, Malaysia; 18th International Conference on Geology and Geophysics, February 15 - 16, 2016, Barcelona, Spain; AAPG 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE), 19-22 June, 2016, Calgary, Canada.

The global photonic sensors and detectors market was worth $6.3 billion in 2013.This market is expected to increase from nearly $7.3 billion in 2014 to about $15.2 billion in 2019, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9% during the five-year period from 2014 to 2019. 


Geography helps us to have a proper picture of man and his environment. The study of geography stimulates an interest in and a sense of wonder about places. It helps young people make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world. It gives us information about various types of climates, natural conditions, mineral wealth etc. 

  • Human geography
  • Physical geography
  • Integrated geography
  • Geomatics
  • Regional geography

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