Geophysics and Geotechnics

\r\n It is an intriguing field. The review runs with the Earth utilizing gravity, attractive, electrical, and seismic techniques, which announce the component of the Earth. It is basically used to recognize, outline foresee the nearness and potential development of surface water and groundwater and to distinguish contaminants in the dirt dampness inside the upper 10 to 50 m of the Earth's surface. Natural geophysics is a connected science worried with the down to earth utilization of the standards of geophysics in the tackling of ecological issues. It incorporates Hydro geophysics, Environmental Mineralogy, Hydro geochemistry, Soil Mechanics etc. The investigation of Environmental Science manages the investigation of environment with the reconciliation of physical science

  • Magnetic and Gravity Methods
  • Electromagnetic Methods of Geophysics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Heat Flow and Geothermic
  • Earthquakes
  • Global Geophysics

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