Geriatric Pharmacology



\r\n Clinical pharmacology has an important role to foster the linkage of the principles of geriatric medicine and disease-based therapeutics. In geriatric medicine advances in understanding the interplay of multiple concurrent illnesses and how this may result in a common path to patient disability and death has allowed definition of the frailty syndrome In addition, the concept of competing morbidity, such that in the older patient successful treatment of one illness may result not in restoration of health, rather in the more obvious clinical presentation of another concurrent illness, has advanced clinical decision making and end of life care. The clinical pharmacologist has an important role in teaching the changing balance of risk and benefit for specific drug therapy intervention in the context of the individual older patient and their specific concurrent illnesses. The research opportunities in this area for the clinical pharmacologist are both challenging and exciting.


\r\n The multidisciplinary health care team is championed by geriatric medicine as the optimal means of providing care for the complex older patient with multiple concurrent illnesses. The clinical pharmacologist has a key role on, working closely with the primary geriatric medicine clinician, the clinical pharmacist, and other members of the team to individualize and modify complex drug therapy regimens as the clinical status of the older patient evolves over time. Many elders need a "medication manager," perhaps a pharmacist, nurse, or primary care physician. A pharmacist can oversee and coordinate the prescriptions.


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