Geriatrics and Critical Gerontology

The term Critical Gerontology can be used to describe a rather broad spectrum of theoretical interests, ranging from constructions and deconstructions of aging to the issue of power and control in contemporary society. What ties these different perspectives together is that all of them, in one form or another, have been critical of a theoretical self-understanding of Gerontology.

  • Elder Care
  • Geriatric Euthenesia
  • Health and Nursing Problems of Elderly
  • Ethical Issues in Geriatrics
  • Geriatrics & Anesthesia
  • Geriatric Senescense
  • Geriatric Longevity

Related Conference of Geriatrics and Critical Gerontology

July 18-19,2018

5th World Congress on Hospice and Palliative Care

Melbourne, Australia

Geriatrics and Critical Gerontology Conference Speakers