Geriatrics and Public Health

Public Health is a part of sciences, skills and convictions that is focused on the preservation. In descriptive epidemiology, scientists do use of available data to identify health related problems. In analytical epidemiology, scientists assess the risk factors with these problems. The main part of Epidemiology is to gain new understanding of the correlation of genetic and environmental factors affecting on human health, providing the scientific basis for translation of this knowledge to global health.

  • Geriatrics and Risk factor
  • Geriatrics and People Health
  • Geriatrics and Demography
  • Geriatrics and Community Health
  • Geriatrics and Disability
  • Geriatrics and Nutrition
  • Geriatrics and Surveillance
  • Geriatrics and Mental Health
  • Geriatrics and Obesity

Related Conference of Geriatrics and Public Health

July 18-19,2018

5th World Congress on Hospice and Palliative Care

Melbourne, Australia

Geriatrics and Public Health Conference Speakers