\r\n Gerontology is the scientific study of aging as a physical, cultural and social process. The study is often academic, involving researchers in diverse, multidisciplinary fields. These fields tend to look at four specific areas in gerontology. Beyond the focus on the elderly, however, gerontology and geriatrics have a number of important differences in how gerontologists and geriatricians approach the elderly and how they ultimately contribute to the field of elder study and care.


\r\n Gerontologists tend to have specific research areas in one or more of these categories, each contributing to the greater body of knowledge of aging as a whole. A gerontologist with training in psychology and behavioral science might, for example, want to focus on how aging influences self-perception and mood. Researchers trained in public policy might focus on how governments accommodate older populations. Physicians with a focus on geriatrics work to help older patients with the physical changes their bodies experience as they age. From performing physical examinations to recommending treatments and procedures in the event of age-related health complications, geriatricians approach aging with an eye for hands-on care in mind.


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