Gigantism and Other Growth Hormone

Overproduction of growth hormone causes excessive growth. In children, the condition is called gigantism. In adults, it is called acromegaly. Growth hormone stimulates the growth of bones, muscles, and many internal organs. Excessive growth hormone, therefore, leads to abnormally robust growth of all of these tissues. Overproduction of growth hormone is almost always caused by a noncancerous (benign) pituitary tumor (adenoma). Certain rare tumors of the pancreas and lungs also can produce hormones that stimulate the pituitary to produce excessive amounts of growth hormone, with similar consequences.

Gigantism is also known as giantism which is derived from the greek word giant. This disorder is detected by the growth of the person in the terms of height more than an average height. This condition is due to the over production of pituitary hormone known as somatotropin. If this condition is detected in the early stage, proper treatment can make the person to grow normally. The over production of growth hormones results in gigantism in children and acromegaly in adults. The over production of growth hormone somatotripin is known as hypersomatotropism which is due to pituitary adenoma. Diagnosis is done by x rays of body parts such as skull, upper libs, lower limbs, hand and legs and also by the measurement of growth hormones. The later stage of gigantism is known as acromegaly in adults which results in distinctive facial features

  • McCune-Albright syndrome
  • Carney complex
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Glucose tolerance test
  • treatment and medication
  • Gamma knife radiosurgery
  • Acromegaly
  • Delayed puberty

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