Global Market on Vaccines and Drugs

The principles of pharmaceutical microbiology and human cell mechanisms allows pharmacists to discover antimicrobial drugs that would prevent an escalating number of communicable diseases. Pharmacists and microbiologists work synergistically to ensure that drug therapies target the opportunistic microbes without harming its human host. Advances in high-throughput DNA-sequencing techniques have given us the unprecedented ability to rapidly determine the nucleotide sequences of entire bacterial genomes. The nature of biological barriers and developing advanced systems to improve the delivery of therapeutics. the advent of new discovery approaches and adjuvants, today is possible to make vaccines virtually against every pathogen. The future of immunization depends on the success of medical research for vaccines that are simpler to administer, will survive transport even without refrigeration, and will provide a more substantial and long-lasting immune response.

Microbial vaccines are most frequently comprised of the cell wall components that allow the immune system to recognize the whole organism, or in bacteria that cause disease through toxicity – such as Diphtheria, the toxin or derived toxoid may be used. Antitoxins are being developed for some disease organisms, predominantly for therapeutic use.

  • Pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Investigational New Drug Application
  • Microbial pathogen genomes
  • Drug delivery technologies
  • Studies in Humans
  • Vaccines of the Future
  • Microbial Vaccines

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