Global oil and Gas Business

Today’s lower oil price, pressure to generate power from renewable energy sources, or increasingly complex government regulations, today’s business realities are forcing new approaches. In the longer term, these new approaches are required to increase operating efficiencies, increase revenues, and improve competitiveness. Embracing digital transformation to find efficiencies and smarter ways of working by leveraging IT innovations can help an energy enterprise leapfrog ahead of competition in the new digital economy.

Companies are formed to exploit reserves, they perform due diligence, take into account risks and make a decision on whether or not to drill and produce. Investment can come from venture capital companies, private investment or equity rising. Petroleum products can be sold in several different markets such as options, futures contracts or directly through shares of a company

  • Petroleum Economy
  • Oil and Gas Economy
  • Price Risk Management
  • Fuel Economy
  • Replacement of petroleum

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