Global Warming Effects and Causes

Green House Gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) absorb heat (infrared radiation) emitted from Earth’s surface. Increases in the atmospheric concentrations of these gases cause Earth to warm by trapping more of this heat. Human activities—especially the burning of fossil fuels since the start of the Industrial Revolution—have increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations by about 40.This has been accompanied by warming of the ocean, a rise in sea level, a strong decline in Arctic sea ice, and many other associated climate effects. Much of this warming has occurred in the last four decades. Detailed analyses have shown that the warming during this period is mainly a result of the increased concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Continued emissions of these gases will cause further climate change, including substantial increases in global average surface temperature and important changes in regional climate.

The effects of rising temperatures are already being felt across the United States and around the world, with serious implications for our health, our environment, and our economy. Dangerous heat waves are increasing in frequency. Sea level rise is accelerating. Coastal flooding risks are growing. Extreme storms are on the rise in some areas. More severe droughts are occurring in others.

  • Global Warming
  • Green House Gases and effect
  • Solar Impact
  • Burning Fossil Fuels
  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Forest Degradation
  • Chemical Fertilizers
  • Sun’s Intensity
  • Circulation of Oceanic currents
  • Circulation of Atmospheric winds
  • Massive crop failures
  • Widespread extinction of species
  • Disappearance of coral reefs

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