Globalization of Clinical Trials and Clinical Research

The globalization of clinical research is a generally late wonder, in which a large portion of these reviews are occurring on a worldwide scale, with a huge increment of clinical trials in creating nations. Created showcases in the United States, Western Europe, Germany, Japan still produce the lion's share of clinical trial action. About 31% of the world's clinical trials are apparently directed outside of the United. As indicated by the report China, Japan, India, and Korea are the most dynamic settings for clinical trials among creating countries. It is anticipated that Japan as the world's second-biggest pharmaceutical market by 2015.

As per the the aggregate number of studies enlisted in 2016 is 231,756. The rate of studies enlisted from United States is 37%, Non-U.S is 47%. It is evaluated to achieve more than 280,000 review registries by 2017.

  • Globalization of drug development
  • Ethical and scientific implications
  • Comparative impact of globalization
  • Mutual recognition of clinical study results
  • Strategies for successful globalization of clinical trials
  • Hospital Management

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