Glucose Regulation & Self-Monitoring

A new tool that is “control-variability grid analysis (CVGA)” for measuring the quality of closed-loop glucose regulation on a group of subjects is introduced. It is one of  method for visualization of the extreme glucose excursions caused by a control algorithm in a group of subjects, with each subject presented by one data point for any given observation period.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose should be part of a regular management plan for patients with diabetes. Self-monitoring of blood glucose provides complete information regarding an individual's dynamic blood glucose profile. Self-monitoring of blood glucose is an essential tool for people who with diabetes who are taking insulin or those who experience fluctuations in their blood glucose levels, especially hypoglycaemia.

  • Mobile technology for self-monitoring
  • Flash glucose-sensing technology
  • Principles and practice for self-monitoring
  • Novel smartphone-coupled blood glucose monitoring system
  • Home telehealth
  • Advancing blood glucose meter technology

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