Glycans in Drug Design

Glycans are constituents of many bio-therapeutic agents, extending from natural products to molecules based on rational design to recombinant glycoproteins. The glycan constituents of these agents can be significant factors of their biological activity and therapeutic efficacy. Biochemistry and Glycobiology encompasses a multidisciplinary study of carbohydrate-binding proteins (lectins), glycolipids and some other plant proteins that are capable of relating with endogenous or foreign (macro) molecules. The importance of the research is on protein-carbohydrate interaction and their contribution in signalling processes in plants or in plant protection. Based on the generated fundamental awareness new approaches are being developed to shield crop plants against pests and diseases.


  • Screening and drug design
  • Biomarkers in drug design
  • Protein–ligand and protein–protein interactions
  • Drug delivery using Nanotechnology
  • Proteome mapping

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