Glycobiology in Personalized Medicine

The human gut hosts trillions of bacteria that directly influence human health. The majority of gut microbiota play an important role in nutrition by metabolizing host-indigestible complex glycans into short-chain fatty acids. Growth of the mesh-like peptidoglycan (PG) sacculus located between the bacterial inner and outer membranes (OM) is tightly regulated to ensure cellular integrity, maintain cell shape, and orchestrate division. Cytoskeletal elements direct placement and activity of PG synthases from inside the cell, but precise spatiotemporal control over this process is poorly understood. Glycan catabolism contains metabolic pathway maps for glycans. Some of them contain an alternative representation of glycan biosynthesis or degradation, called the glycan structure map.

Asparagine (N)-linked protein glycosylation is a ubiquitous co- and post-translational modification which can alter the biological function of proteins and consequently affects the development, growth, and physiology of organisms. In mammals, complex N-glycans are involved in different cellular processes including molecular recognition and signalling events.

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Complex carbohydrates are composed of monosaccharides that are covalently linked by glycosidic bonds, either in the α or β form. Unlike DNA and proteins, however monosaccharides may be linked to one or more other monosaccharides, such that they form a branched tree structure. Glyco arrays and the specific subject of protein binding to immobilized glycans, is a current focus of active research involving several individual strategies in terms of chemistries and choice of glycan ligand. This new technology shows considerable promise to investigate the biological significance of glycan sequences. Such information has proved to be difficult to screen in the past and demands a high-throughput solution. The complex structure of glycans has been a bottleneck in the structure determination and thus data accumulation of glycan structures. 

  • Molecular biological profiling
  • Biomarker analytics for translational research
  • Advanced biomarkers for personalized medicine
  • Precision medicine for mental disorders
  • Clinical applications of personalized medicine
  • Pharmacoglycomics and precision medicine

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