Glycobiology: It’s Role in Human Health

Glycobiology research plays a pivotal role from the perspective of human health. In order to maintain and advance the recognition of important glycobiological features and the application of glycans and glyco-engineering strategies in the design of novel treatments to improve human health, the study on recent advancements in glycobiology is of utmost important Scientists at the University of Georgia have received a five-year, $10.4 million funding from the National Institutes of Health to support the National Center for Biomedical Glycomics, a association of UGA faculty and staff functioning to improve new technologies for the analysis of glycans . Experts now identify that glycans play critical roles in cell regulation, human health and disease progression. The experts at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center have experience and knowledge that make us a world leader in this field, and are creating tools that are the basis for the next generation of diagnostics and treatments.

  • Drug targeting
  • Glycoprotein folding and routing
  • Glycoproteome analysis
  • Biosynthesis of disease related carbohydrate antigens
  • Anti-adhension therapy

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