Green Processing & Synthesis

Green Processing & Synthesis aims is to provide a platform for scientists and engineers, especially chemists and chemical engineers, but warmly open as well for contributions from all other disciplines involved in the topics mentioned above, such as physics, materials science, or catalysis.


  • Sustainable & green chemistry
  • Flow chemistry
  • Advanced, asymmetric and bio-inspired synthesis
  • Chemicals from biomass: biofuels and intermediates
  • White biotechnology
  • Catalysis and smart processes for green (sustainable) chemistry
  • Green processing
  • Novel process windows
  • Novel process windows
  • Micro process technology
  • Process intensification
  • Alternative energy (mw, us) and non-conventional media (il, Scf)
  • Fuel cells and hydrogen economy
  • Photochemistry, photovoltaics, energy storage
  • Environmental chemistry and toxicology

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