Grid Design and Tools

Smarter design requires smarter design tools. The framework is based on an innovative approach which integrates a model for specifying autonomous behaviour and architectural model design for specifying Smart Grids. This autonomous model makes a loop for monitoring the properties that have to be controlled, analyse its value. Smart grid architectural model prolongs software architectural models with the concept of power network domain to facilitate the design. The framework follows with a well defined process that involves configuration of autonomous smart grid architectures, the execution of model-to-code generation patterns and the execution of the generated code. The power system supplying energy i.e.,the large generating units and the transmission grid has good communication links to ensure its effective operation, to enable market transactions, to maintain the security of the system, and to facilitate the integrated operation of the generators and transmission circuits. These power systems have some automatic control systems which are limited to local, discrete functions to ensure predictable behaviour by the generators and the transmission network during major disturbances.

Our "Smart Grid" focusing on the consumption of energy.

  • Autonomous Smart Grid
  • Simulation
  • Digitizing the grid
  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
  • Framework as blueprint

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