Growth factors for healing

These are protein molecule comprehensive by the body, it practicalities to control cell division. It can also be designed by genetic engineering in the laboratory and used in biological therapy. Growth factors fix to receptors on the cell surface, with the result of activating cellular proliferation and differentiation. Those growth factors are proteins that will help the cell to growth and  proper  function as growth stimulators  and growth inhibitors, stimulate cell migration, act as chemotactic agents, inhibit cell migration, inhibit invasion of tumour cells, modulate differentiated functions of cells, involved in apoptosis, involved in angiogenesis and promote survival of cells without impelling expansion and differentiation.

  • Matrix-bound growth factors
  • Erythropoietin
  • Fibroblast growth factor
  • Hepatocytic growth factor
  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor
  • Reepithelialization

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