Heat and Momentum Transfer

The  various mechanisms of heat transfer are thermal conduction, thermal convection, thermal radiation, and transfer of energy by phase changes. Heat conduction or diffusion, is the direct exchange of kinetic energy of particles through the boundary between two systems. Convection occurs due to the  density differences brought by differences in temperature involving  the transfer of heat through the motion of hot fluid from one place to another. Thermal radiation occurs  due to  the energy  transfer by  means of   photons in electromagnetic waves  through a vacuum or any transparent medium.

  • Fixed bed, Fluidized bed and Packed bed Reactor
  • Compressible and Incompressible Fluid
  • Flow of Fluids
  • Boundary Layer Theory
  • Heat exchangers and evaporators
  • Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Boiling and Condensation
  • Natural and Forced Convection Heat Transfer
  • Turbulence in Heat Transfer

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